Tuna Kush

4 Unique Characteristics of Tuna Kush

If Tuna Kush reminds you of tuna sandwich or something similar, then let me tell you that it has nothing to do with fish. Instead it is a name of marihuana strain. In this article, we will crackdown the various aspects of the strain and give you a closer look at what it is like. Read on to know the 4 important things about this particular strain.

What Does it Look Like?

To begin with, Tuna Kush is actually one of the best looking Kush that you can ever see. It has a pleasant appearance with dark purple coloured flowers, and dark green leaves. The leaves are usually covered in a sticky and milk trichs that are topped off with brown pistils which are wispy and thin. The plant has dense nuggets and there are super thin and tiny stems. The average weight of the Tuna Kush plant would be about 0.5 – 2 grams.

What is the Aroma Like?

Tuna Kush emerges like a real winner when it comes to the aroma. It has an impressive smell that seems like a combination of coffee/ meat/ skunk from a distance. If you take a whiff closely then let me tell you for sure that the smell will linger for hours in your mind. The aroma is pine/ sweet lemon type, a very unique fragrance that you may never find in any other strain. And when grounded, all these fragrances are further enhanced.

How Does it Taste?

If you smoke this unique strain you will experience a thick and rough smoke that is quite strong and bitter. It has a faint taste of mint, and people who have experienced the taste through vapors and smoking pipes have said that it is tasty.

What is the After Effect of Inhaling This Strain?

If you inhale a little bit of this fragrant strain, just a tiny bowl is enough to give you a much comforting body high. The strain starts working the moment you inhale and you feel the rush inside your body as you slowly feel lighter and better. Those who have experienced smoking Tuna Kush have said that after about half an hour of paranoid high, the body calmly settles down and feels relaxed.

Those who are interested in trying out this unique strain should look for it in a licensed medical marihuana dispensary. However, be aware of the marihuana laws of the state because there are certain restrictions that you will have to follow. Also, you will need a medical document in order to buy Tuna Kush so make sure you have a valid document before going to a dispensary.

In a dispensary, you will find budtenders who can help you choose the right product, tell him or her that you are looking for Tuna Kush and they will help you find the perfect strain. Some of the dispensaries may ask you a few questions regarding your health conditions before selling you the product. Don’t worry, it is just to ensure that you stay safe and healthy.

Also referred as Concentrates for Weed or Marijuana