Bubba Kush

A Funny Name but Solid Strain

It is believed that the Hindu Kush arrived at the shores of America sometime around 1970s, and the strain actually takes its name from the rugged Hindu Kush mountain range that originates from Afghanistan and runs into northern Pakistan. However the history and origin of this strain is pretty limited due to poor documentation. The birth story of Bubba Kush is not just limited to a South Asian indica that was cultivated passionately by the tribal groups. It actually speaks about the Florida stoners and the passionate marijuana growers who worked hard to create amazing buds, but had no clue of the genetics they were dealing with.

Physical characteristics of Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush features a unique and colossal bud structure. The hue ranges from pale purple to forest green. The Bubba Kush buds are coated in amber hairs, and the presence of several trichomes make this marijuana strain as sticky as bubblegum, hence the name.

Relaxing Effect of Bubba Kush

Don’t underestimate the power of this strain due to its funny name. A little stuff of this amazing strain can offer you a strong high like no other. Bubba Kush has a strong odor and sweet hashish flavors that features subtle notes of coffee and chocolate. The awesome flavor of the indica strain not only pleases the taste buds but can also provide a high that helps you relax.

The powerful influence of this strain works from head to toe, promotes muscle relaxation and covers the mind with a dreamy euphoria that makes you feel happy and sleepy. It aids in reducing the stress and uplifting your mood. Some people recommend taking Bubba Kush strain only at night due to its sleep inducing affects. They suggest that you avoid taking the strain during the day as it can completely mess with your mind.

What are the Medical Benefits?

Many people prefer the Bubba Kush strain because it has the ability to relieve you from sleeplessness and anxiety. The strong effect of the strain has a numbing effect on the mind and it helps relax the body so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep. Some patients have also reported that taking this strain has helped alleviate stress, depression and ADD/ADHD symptoms. This strain can also help relieve several other types of ailments. The use of this strain can also help those who experience loss of appetite.

Anyone wanting to take Bubba Kush should remember that this strain is not good for the day time unless you plan on sleeping all day long feeling dizzy and silly. When you smoke this strain, it will give you an earthy and sweet taste with a piney aroma.

If you are taking the strain for the first time, try to start with a moderate dose to see how your mind and body responds to it and after that you can increase the dose as required. So, use this strain responsibly and you should be able to enjoy the positive high and calming effect help you rest well and relax.

Also referred as Concentrates for Weed or Marijuana